Heather Laura Gray

 premiere April 2017

Walk into THE TUNNEL and enter the maze of the mind.

Set in a dreamlike mind space, a black box theatre is transformed into a complex void of original projections and light art. Dancers move through a staged consciousness, immersed in the evolving light show as they struggle through turbulent thoughts, battling themselves and each other. Perception is the game in THE TUNNEL and the only way out of the dark is through the light. 

After years of working in film, theatre and dance, Heather Laura Gray is excited to be collaborating with a team of highly creative and award winning talent to bring THE TUNNEL to life. Collaborators include: cutting edge projection and light design artists Hfour, (, the genre bending and versatile music composer Hayden Baptiste,  as well as an international cast of powerful dance artists Emily Tellier (New York), Katie Lowen (Vancouver) and Michael Demski (France), along with a dozen emerging dance artists in various apprentice roles.

video coming soon